This is my personal website. It's written in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. I hope to use it as a front-end to my projects which I want to share. It also features a hand-made blog.

I used to be quite disorganised and ended up with many unfinished and unpublished projects. Still, regardless of their status, long hours of hard work were put into them and I've always wanted a website where I could show the people my projects and contributions to the open-source. I finally invested some time to make a decent-looking website that suits my needs.

Instead of hard-coding each project and article information directly into HTML pages, I defined a XML format to contain the information of each project. The website reads these XML files and dynamically generate the lists of projects, the articles and the project pages. Adding, editing, and removing projects is a simple mater of modifying the XML files.

Later it will feature a small search engine which reads the XML files to display the result of the search.

For the appearance of my personal website, I was inspired by the look of CGIT which is a front-end to GIT, a tool that developers use to control the version of their source code. Its technology feel and look reflects well what I am and what I do... programming. Plus given most of readers and potential employers are likely to be programmer, so this is an appearance they can relate to.