I don't want to rewrite a description for Remofile so here is how it's introduced in its website/documentation.

Remofile is a protocol, a Python library and a command-line interface to 
transfer files back and forth from/to a remote server. It’s a quick and 
easy-to-use alternative to FTP and other transfer files tools.

I wrote it because I was tired of the cumbersomeness of using FTP in both client and server sides. Setting up a FTP server isn't simple, even though its' easy for me, it's never elegant. And the resulting client code using FTP libraries out there is... ugly and unnecessarily complicated. With Remofile, you can transfer files in the most painless and beautiful way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming that Remofile is better than FTP. I'm saying it's a better solution for developpers in most situations as it’s purposely designed for easier use and integration, At the end, it does the same work but with a saner and more maintainable code on the developer side. In fact, you can read the design decision document that explained the ideas behind that project.

At this time of writing, it's still under development and some of the functionalities aren't developed.