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Shinny new personal website
Friday, 24 August 2018

After a couple of unsuccessful, or unfinished, projects (see my failed Kickstarter campaign for example), I decided to move on and be more active on social platforms to share my work. I did a lot the past 3 years, but my efforts were too scattered and I wasn't experienced (or too perfectionist?) to drive my projects to the finish. This time is over, and the first step of this new adventure comes with this shiny new personal website.

It's a homemade website written in HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript (really? no way!) with Flask on server side, which I hope to use as front-end to my projects. It also features a sort of blog which I call articles. Here is what you can expect for the following weeks.

Upcoming projects and articles.

  • An entire update of the Python bindings for SFML
  • Articles about self-hosted software
  • A reinvented CI service called Homebuilder
  • A video module for the SFML framework
  • Bunch of tools to help SFML-based software development
  • My easy-to-use alternative to FTP which I named Remofile
  • More articles about development of my own software

And this will only be a beginning; I also have plans to resume development projects I left behind because I was overwhelmed with life.