This website is a prototype; you’ll find empty sections and dummy information.
It remains a work-in-progress until this notice disappear.

Welcome to my personal website.

On the Internet people know me under my nickname Sonkun and sometimes SonkunDev when the former is taken.I'm an enthousiast software developer who has actively contributed to various open-source projects during the past 9 years.

My projects (or portfolio) can be devided into 3 sections.

I also have two other projects that don't fit in these sections. The first is some Teeworlds servers I host, and the second is a Helbreath game server I host.I also made a list of my most interesting projects.

If you want to hire me, please have a look at my resume, then visit this page for more information.
Pinned projects Links
Python bindings for SFML direct link
Simple & Fast Game Library direct link
Video module for SFML direct link
DirectX backend for SFML direct link