Sonkun WebsiteΒΆ

This is the personal website of Jonathan De Wachter. Some people know me better under my nickname Sonkun, sometimes sonkun-dev when the former one is taken.


This website is a prototype. You’ll find empty sections and wrong information. It remains a work-in-progress until this notice disappear.

This page acts as a gate to understand what I do and my personal projects. It also redirect to various services I host. See it as a map to reach various parts of things related to me.

First and foremost, a list of all my projects with complete description can be reached on this page. Briefly, it consists mainly of the Python bindings for SFML and my own extenion of SFML. I’ve also been working on a game engine I named SFGL and a game written on top Tuki Turnip. At this time of writing, I cannot reveal anything about it. In 2015, I spent a lot of time on a unfishined book which I hope to release one day. Unfortunatly, I lack of time to finish it because I’m too busy with the game.

Since 2014, I’m part of the core SFML team and that makes sense a lot of my projects (if not almost everything) is related to that framework. As such, I maintain a continious integration service that compile the latest version of SFML (as it grows) and ensure it nevers breaks on the numerous supported platforms. On top of that, it also compiles my own extensions and that includes a DirectX back, a port to Blackberry and Tizen and a vidoe module. You can check the status and the result of this service with these two links.

When I was a kid, a friend and I used to play Helbreath, a MMORPG game. This wasn’t the most popular game and yet quite of an old game for this time. No more than 15 years later, we wanted to revive the experience and decided to host and bring back the community. I also host a tiny Teeworlds server with no strong ambition behind; just for fun. Check out this page for more information about these game projects.

Although this website is somewhat more exhaustive than a resume, you can still read my traditional resume by clicking on this link.